Network connectivity defines 2 things - exactly how many people will be able to check out a specific site concurrently and how quickly they'll be able to accomplish that. When the connection capacity is small, for example, the maximum throughput could be hit with just a couple of visitors looking at the website, so newcomers will not be able to gain access to the webpages, or in a different scenario, all visitors may have difficulties. If the capacity is sufficient, but the web server access speed is lower, it'll take longer for any webpage on the website to load and this may lead to visitors simply closing the Internet site, if they find that they have to wait for a couple of minutes just to see a couple of pages. In this light, if you want to start and maintain a successful online presence, the hosting server in which you host your site should supply both good access speeds and large traffic capacity.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Shared Hosting

You will never face any issues with the access to any site hosted in a shared hosting account on our advanced cloud platform. How quickly your visitors shall be able to browse through the particular website will depend exclusively on their Internet connection, due to the fact that the data centers in which our web servers are located offer multi-gigabit connectivity and use reliable backbone providers to ensure swift and uninterrupted access to all of the machines. The data centers also offer direct optical fiber connections to numerous large urban centers in North America, Europe and Australia, so in case you host your sites with us, you shall enjoy a great website loading speed from every location throughout the world. We also use highly effective, high-quality network equipment to ensure that there'll not be delays of any kind whenever somebody opens your site.