A site installer tool is similar to the script installers which many web hosting businesses offer. While the latter are used to install an app without being certain whether it is suitable to develop a particular sort of Internet site, the website installer provides more options to choose from so that once a specific application is set up, you will be able to build the site you want. Few businesses offer Internet site installers, but this sort of software tools make it much simpler to pick what application to employ for your Internet site in case you do not have a lot of experience and aren't sure what the different applications out there are used for - blogs, online stores, and so forth. It is critical to know that an Internet site installer is not the same thing as an online website builder - rather, it allows you to install a ready-made website that you'll be able to start customizing according to your requirements from the administrator area of the application you have selected.

Website Installer in Shared Hosting

We offer you an Internet site installer with every single shared hosting solution that we offer and you could access it through your Hepsia hosting Control Panel with simply a couple of clicks. The software instrument is extremely simple to use - pick a domain and the type of the website that you would like to have, input the login credentials whichyou would like to employ for the back office and you will be all set. You'll have a huge number of templates to choose from during the process, so you'll be able to save a lot of cash on web design services considering the fact that you could set up a professional website in minutes and at no extra cost. The templates that shall appear depend on the type of site you have picked and this way you'll be able to develop a general-purpose website, a blog, an Internet store or a picture gallery with almost no efforts.