What is Drupal?

When you are hunting for a safe CMS app, then you can safely pick out the very same platform that is utilized by the White House (WhiteHouse.gov) as well as The Economist (Economist.com) – Drupal. The Drupal CMS is available for free, it is very intuitive and very customizable. It enables you to create any sort of website in a matter of minutes.

With well over 500,000 effective contributors, Drupal possesses one of the several largest application communities. The community has helped design tons of totally free Drupal web themes, has expanded the main functionality of Drupal with many Drupal plug–ins and it’s constantly able to aid and share expertise regarding the way things are carried out in the Drupal camp.

Drupal is a trademark of Dries Buytaert and is not connected with Huge Hosting Deals.

Drupal–Optimized Shared Plans Services

By employing our Drupal shared plans package, you will have your website or web app installed on the internet within just minutes. Merely go for Drupal in the application drop–down menu on the order form and we’ll prepare your Drupal copy when we create your web hosting account. By doing this you can begin working on your web site immediately after you log in.

Every single Drupal shared plans package has a range of service guarantees that make sure of the trouble–free effectiveness of your sites. We will create your Drupal account free of charge and will back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also, thanks to our 30–day money–back guarantee, you can demand a reimbursement if you’re not fulfilled.

A Point & Click Web Site Control Panel

Apart from our one–of–a–kind shared hosting system, we have also produced a unique Web Site Control Panel which is available with every one of our Drupal shared plans packages. It’s made to live in the cloud and to interact only with our shared plans platform. This makes it faster and much more reliable in comparison with other control panels.

Another advantage of the Web Site Control Panel is the fact that it enables you to handle everything from only one location. You can take care of your site, easily switch to make a couple of adjustments for your domain name, and then check out your billing – all within the very same control panel, only a mouse click away. No requirement for additional billing or domain panels and no need for you to try to remember a number of other passwords.